Saturday, January 14, 2012

Title Work

Title Work

I love titles.  They are all over – on billboards, on TV ads, on web pages and the list goes on and on.  So one of the first things to catch my attention when I look at a scrapbook page is the title.  Scrapbook page titles can be big or small; short or long, they can be aligned vertically, horizontally or anywhere in between!  Titles can be created using a favorite font or made by using alpha elements included with the kit.  I personally enjoy making photo titles as done on my Keith Urban layout below.

Let’s take a look at how these resourceful scrappers titled their layouts:

Dad’s My Coach by “Grandma Crys” (Digital Scrapbook Place member)
Credit:  Digital Kits:  Papers and elements from Nicole Young's  Allstar Whimsy SVC, RedStarTag from Nicole Young's Sport’s Whimsy, RedGlitter from Nicole Young's Lost in Wonderland, all available at Digital Scrapbook Place.

Yuletide Cheer by Jenni (Digital Scrapbook Place member)
Credit: Digital Kits: January 2012 Club Digitall and Merry Moments Deluxe Word Art Set by Heidi Kuester, both available from Digital Scrapbook Place

First Daddy by Felynn (Digital Scrapbook Place Member) 

First Day by Handkl (member of Digital Scrapbook Place Digital Elite Team)
Credit:  Digital Kit:  School Days Mega Kit (available at Digital Scrapbook Place)

By Jill W (Digital Scrapbook Place member)
Credit:  Digital Kit:  Mandee Page Kit by Marcee Duggar (Digital Scrarpbook Place)

By Jill W (Digital Scrapbook Place member)
Credit:  Edith’s Diary by CarolAnn Gary (Digital Scrapbook Place)

I hope some of these titles have given you inspiration!!  Enjoy your day!


GrandmaCrys said...

Thanks for featuring one of my LOs, Jill. I really enjoyed your article. I will be giving new respect to titles from now on.

kitsNbits said...

Love the big statement of your titles!