Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hello friends! A friend of mine wrote a poem about Christmas which was published in "The International Library of Poetry". I wanted to share this with you all... Let's not forget the true meaning of Christmas. Happy holidays everyone!

Meaning of Christmas

This is the time to celebrate, but no one has patience, no one can wait.
Lines are long, sales-people are tired. We want that gift our loved ones admires.
A doll for Susie. A shirt for Dan. A truck for my husband. for me a mini-van.
My son, he wants a game for the computer. My daughter just wants a boyfriend to suit her. So after work I'm off to the mall with my bottle of Tylenol.
My head is pounding. My feet are sore, but somehow I'll make it to one more store.
The day of Christmas is finally here. I see the ones that I love so dear. I look at my family with hearts aglow. They look back at me and we all know, the meaning of Christmas is not just in giving, but what's in our hearts and how we are living. God gave us a gift, the birth of his son and the love that God has is for everyone.

by Jodye Gottlieb Facebook