Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday Challenge: 11/20

This week's challenge corresponds with our month-long Pirate-themed crop:

Jolly Roger is the term given to a pirate's flag.

These flags were meant as a scare tactic to approaching ships.

The message it gave was that if the pirates were forced into battle,

they would give "no quarter" (would take no prisoners).

Merchant sailors did not make enough money to give up their life for their employer's cargo. Often just this threat was enough to make ships surrender peacefully.

Jolly Rogers often featured skeletons, skulls, daggers, swords,
or bleeding hearts on white, red, or black fields.
A few showed hourglasses to imply "time was running out" for their enemies.

Each pirate had his own unique design.


Scrap about something that is uniquely you.

Maybe you could scrap about your hobbies, a list of your fave songs,

your fashion style, a day in your life...whatever you want.

Just as long as it shows us a peek into YOU.

We have lots of other pirate games, challenges, and fun facts waiting for you.
If you would like to play along, visit the crop section of our boards.

Hope to see you there, mateys!


GinniG said...

Aargh! Sumthin' 'bout me eh! That'll take some diggin up fer sure! GREAT challenge matey!