Sunday, November 21, 2010

Remember This Moment

Time flies by so quickly. I can really see it now that I have children of my own. It seems like just yesterday that I held them for the first time and now they are growing up to be little ladies. I want to hold on to these moments that feel like they are quickly slipping through my fingers like sand in an hour glass. What can I do to preserve these memories of my every day moments with my girls? Scrapbook it of course!

One of the things that I will miss as my kids get older are the feeling of their little hands holding mine. Instead of scrapbooking a picture of us holding hands, I decided to actually stamp her hand on paper and place it on a layout. This way I will always have a piece of time forever captured on a layout. What other things can you think of capturing that you'll miss as time passes by?

Happy creating!
Diana Facebook


Irma said...

love the stamped hand idea. Will have to scraplift if you won't mind ;)

Jennifer Larson said...

I adore this! I think I need to lift this idea.

Scrappy-ness said...

What a great idea! My son is 4 and I want to scrapbook Everything!I keep a journal of all the cute and funny things my son says in hopes of compiling them into a scrapbook page or possibly an album.

Cindy Gay said...

Good job getting that precious photo! Like the hand.