Sunday, October 12, 2008

When you are not scrapping . . .

How do you spend your time? Other than thinking about scrapping, shopping for scrapping, or taking pictures to scrap, of course. I am a reader. I adore starting a new book on a Friday night when I can stay up late reading, then sleep a bit, then stay in bed on Saturday and read some more. Ahhhh, that is heaven for me.

Recently my ScrapStreet sisters shared a new addiction: The Twilight Books. Ok, so I know that many of you have probably read them as they were being written, but somehow we missed the initial publishing. However, we are making up for it now. We have special room with tons of threads discussing them all. Fun questions, interesting observations, and a giggle or three shared between friends.

I am last to the party and a bit scared to start. See, I am right in the middle of a heavy travel schedule for my hubby. Will have him home 4 days this month. Single mom is a MUCH harder job (huge props to all of ya out there doing it) and I am pretty sure that if I open the first book, I will not look back up until my kids are asking if it is ok to run with the scissors. But the stack of pretty books are calling my name.

If you see me here next week with a vampire kit, you will know I made it through! Anyone else want to share your opinion on the series? Facebook


Terry said...

OH OH OH!!! you will get soooo much inspiration for a totally awesome kit from these books ... OH OH OH!!!!

Loved the books all of them! Thanks to BRI for outting them for us!