Tuesday, October 7, 2008

'Not For Coffee' Filters

A few weeks ago on this blog I wrote an article about a great Plug in site, so today to follow that theme I'd like to introduce another great resource site. "Grafnet".

As of this posting Grafnet has over 4192 listings of Photoshop Filters. The author of the website uses the same photo to demonstrate the effects of each particular filter which just makes sense! In addition Grafnet makes it easy to locate and contact the designers of the filters with clickable links.

New finds for your favorite filters are listed in the upper right hand side of the website and the filter index is in alphabetical order. The author asks that if you discovers a new filter not listed on his website to please contact him. This keeps the list current and ever expanding. There's an easy Contact form on the site to do so.

Filters and plug ins are fantastic tools to integrate into your scrap booking projects. Try them on photos, papers, elements or make something from scratch. The sky's the limit when it comes to the thousands of filters available. Facebook


xashee's corner said...

coool!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing! :D