Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hey Hey Its Saturday

Is it the same where you live on this everdecreasing in size globe of ours? Is the sun shining? Well we have finally, just after the start of Autumn had a week of summer. Blazing hot, sunny all day, beautiful warmth through the day although cooler nights. The weather has been as weird this year as the world economy up and down with the feeling of inpending doom.
Still on the cheerful side of sunny we have got a job done at home that has been kind of unfinished and undefined since we moved into this home. We laid the large vegetable garden to turf. Yippee, no more weedy patch!! It was an eyesore even when it was being used for veggies, as the whole lot wanted to go back to the meadow it is. I grew beans, lettuce, tomatoes rhubarb radish, herbs etc., even potatoes. But it was getting just too much with my other commitments so we left it for 2years.
Now it is dazzling emerald green, the lawn beside it has been redesigned now with a large rock garden and mediteranean plants for our viewing pleasure. I just want to complete it with a bird bath under the small magnolia we are planting.
During the last year or so we had a upvc white garden table outside turned upside down on the picnic bench, and due to the construction of the table underneath are various sections to keep the table rigid. These filled with water during the winter and very regularly several large magpies would come and splash and bathe themselves in the contents. It was fascinating to watch from the window where I work on my pc. it directly overlooks all the above. A lot of my inspiration for my kits comes from looking out the window or strolling through the garden and the paddock behind. I take my camera with me to photograph the wild flowers or even pick some to scan and use as a basis for my work. Nature is an awesome force, so fierce and yet so delicate. Amazing what gift God has given us.
Thought I would offer you a small freebie to enjoy, with thoughts of flowers and natural things. Here are 2 textures and several extracted flowers for your enjoyment. Use them as you would like , commercially or in your own personal projects. Just don't use them as they are for commercial use. Incorporate them into something larger. Facebook


Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 27 Sep [LA 12:39am, NY 02:39am, UK 07:39am, OZ 05:39pm] ).

Maryse said...

Thank you so much :))