Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Free is a GOOD 4-Letter Word

Ever get weary of paying outrageous prices for your software needs? And what about the endless searching for just the right utility that won't cost you a weeks pay? Freebyte's Guide to Free Graphics Software is the list to end all lists. They've been on the internet since 1995 and they're still one of the best bookmarks that you can have in your stash.
Here's a sampling of their Guide, remember to put "Free" in front of each, because they are all 100% FREE!
  • Paint Programs
  • Vector Drawing Programs
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Icon Editors
  • Cursor Editors
  • Background Creation Programs
  • Image Optimizers
  • Image Converters
  • Image Viewers
  • Photo Albums
  • 2-D Animation Software
  • Gif Animation Software
  • Animation and 3-D Software
  • Presentation Programs
  • Diagram Software
  • Fractal Software
  • Various Graphic Utilities and Services
  • Advanced & Scientific Graphics Programs
They only ask for one favor for providing this list and that is;
If you know of any free good graphics tools (especially free image editing and animation software) to be listed on this page, please let us know by using our contact form! Facebook


Judy said...

Thanks for the link: I have it bookmarked. I have been trying to find software in which I can create text on a path, save it as .psd or .tif, take it into PSE6 as editable text. Do you know if there are any free programs on this site that will accomplish this?

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