Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Are you pinning?

Ok, so maybe it is a silly question.  Maybe I should ask, "What are you pinning today?" 

But, just in case, you are not yet totally addicted, let me be the devil on your shoulder.  You NEED to pin.  Honest.  What is this pinning I speak of?  It is pinterest.  You create your own inspiration bulletin boards housed entirely online.  You can have them for pretty much anything--shoes, design, cooking, and (naturally) scrapping!  Think of the Oprah dream board only without you needing to grab your scissors and a batch of magazines.

And, since you can follow other people's boards, you are constantly finding new ideas to like or to repin on your own boards.  It couldn't be easier.  You can update your board in just a few minutes.  (shhh do not tell them about getting addicted to the pretties yet).  You can pop by my boards here.

I am working on a makeover for my personal blog.  My life has changed a good bit lately and I need to refashion my blog to match.  While working on the redesign, I began searching for some pinterest buttons, badges, and blinkies.  I thought I would share them with our ScrapStreet readers in case some of you are pinning and looking for just the right way to link people to your board.  I did not design any of these--simply found them, loved them, and thought I would share them with all of you.  If I design a few, I will stop back by with them.

1.  For the addict:

2. Want a little button to go with your facebook and twitter ones?  How about one with love:

3. A nice and simple bulletin board look:

4.  I thought this owl was just too cute.  Pinning is wise, see?

5.  The question of the day:

6.  The answer to "Hey Mom, whatcha doin?"

Want me to follow you?  I would LOVE to!  Shout back in the comments with your link and I will be happy to join in.  I bet you have something fab that I really need to repin on your boards! Facebook


Connie said...

I love pinning~thanks for blinkie for my blog~

Linda said...

I definitely am going to jump on this bandwagon now. :0)

LifeAsDINKers (Ava-J) said...

Hi Dora, I've been for weeks now, and loving all the amazing stuff out there. Bye for now, i'm off to follow you...:)