Friday, July 29, 2011

Twue Wuv...

is what bwings us togedduh today.

(For those of you who are utterly confused as to why I might have a speech impediment, this is from the Princess Bride. If you haven't seen it yet, you are surely missing out.)

Want to know my true love? My true love when it comes to paper crafting? It's not a paper manufacturer. It's not an adhesive. It's a machine. I know about a handful of people who are reading this, raising their hands frantically yelling, "I KNOW! I KNOW!"

It's the Silhouette electronic cutting machine. Yes. And my love is quite unhealthy. I get a little sweaty in the palms and look around nervously when I'm not able to use it on projects. I fear the worst for my layouts and cards because they will not have the pleasure of having a shape cut from this most magnificent machine.  Yes. My obsession runs deep. The one thing I've always known that would complete this relationship, is for the Silhouette to come out with a 12" machine. I knew that would seal it, stamp it, bind it and we'd be together for life.

You can imagine my reaction upon entering the Silhouette America booth at this past CHA when I noticed this most beautiful of machines sitting on a counter called the Cameo.  It took me a minute to realize what it was. Suddenly, I felt my heart race, my eyes go wide, my mouth begin to open and that little lump appear in my throat. Clasping my hands and gasping I looked at the Sales man. Is it...? Could it...? I can't believe... OH my....

He got quite a chuckle out of me and my crazy, ridiculous response to gazing at the beauty of the brand new Silhouette Cameo. It cuts 12". Oh and it's beautiful. My heart still goes pitter pat talking about it. Want to see a photo?

Oh good heavens. There it is. *Sigh*
Yes. It is probably an unhealthy relationship but I don't care! I love my machine and all the awesome projects I can produce as we work together. The only thing I haven't done yet is name my machine. Will you help me? She needs a good name. 

As far as the Cameo is concerned, release date is sometime in October with an msrp of $299.99.  That's not bad. I'm game. Sign me up! 

Here is a card I made recently using my SD just to show off how you can combine shapes and take advantage of the intricate designs that are part of the Silhouette library:

Paper, flair, stickers, rub-on, Alphabet: American Crafts, Cardstock: Bazzill Basics, Pen: Zig, Silhouette Shapes: card_with_swirls and layered_petal_flower

Thank you everyone for entertaining my infatuation with this machine. Crazy, unhealthy, manic as it is... I will always love my machine! 

Until next time, 


Linda said...

what a lovely card Mel!

kellystar said...

When you asked if you could have the Cameo, did the salesman say "as you wish". One of my all time favorite movies! I'm thinking I need to get one of these, but I've been so good at holding off for so long.