Tuesday, September 27, 2011

You can't mail that. Can you?

by Melissa Oeters

I hear this often because for the last year or so I have become a card making addict.  Friends stop by and I’m sticking my latest cards in their face to prove that I do more than eat bon bons all day.  I’m certainly not alone in card making, there are a ton of us out there.   The cards I make are fairly embellished, but I’ve seen cards with flowers and embellishments so large they would never fit in an envelope.  Even using your long lost shoe horn and managing to squeeze the card in the envelope it would end up being smashed while it was tossed around in the mail bag.
But you can still make embellished cards, you just have to be aware of how thick or how fragile the item is you are using.    I make my cards to be mailed so I tend to lean toward soft flowers, stickers and diecuts.  Plus I use a lot of adhesive pop dots so I can get a dimensional look that can be flattened a bit when it’s in the mail and still come to life out of the envelope.   I try to keep in mind that a card is conveying a message from me to you.  I want to be sure the message is clear without your needing pruning shears to get to it.



Dora said...

well said! and a gorgeous card. hmmm do you need my addy?

kitsNbits said...

cute card and you are right. I sometimes get carried away making embellished cards and then cant fit it in the envelope