Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sometimes simple says it all...

When creating cards for others, we tend to want to put all of our love into creating the card and that, in turn, leads to us, as crafters, OVER-accessorizing our creation.

Some artists have this mastered and the effect can be AMAZING and other times it can just look cluttered.

I challenge you to "simplify" your next card design.

Use only a few supplies; a stamp, a few sheets of patterned paper, maybe a sentiment but make a point to reduce the amount of supply you use on one card. You will be amazed at how many cards you can create in a very short period of time.

Have a fabulous week!



Jingle said...

These are absolutely fabulous!

Laurence said...

Superbes !

Melissa Elsner said...

Simple really is the best way! Keep reminding myself that. :)

Dawn said...

Love the "focused" card!! Great idea!