Thursday, February 12, 2009

Just wanting to celebrate a bit of Life, so much doom and gloom within the world, but have you ever stopped, stopped and watched in silence the world around you? What wonder is there in what you view right now? Take a minute or two to observe, really listen, then think about what we see in that snapshot of life.

This morning, as usual I was washing the dishes, looking out the window, which faces our courtyard and where there is a bird table, and I stopped as I always do to look at what birds were there .

The collection of different species of birds that have been there within the last 24 hours was more than I have ever noticed before. I have recently been putting out sunflower hearts as well as bread scraps, oats wheat and lentils and peas all of which have devoted fans. Now a friend advised me about sun flower hearts and had said if i want to attract gold finches then put out sunflower hearts.I have had such a fantastic array of little feathered friends come visit

Green finches,



great tits,


A pair of goldfinches were doing some kind of courting ritual flying around together, playing hard to get then flying after the mate then doing the most amazing upward twirling flight together I have ever seen.

Bluetits,chaffinch and one singular bullfinch(resting on my budding cherrytree) pied wagtail, robins and numerous small brown birds I don't know the name of and call sparrows.

this is just a list of the small birds that have graced the table within the lastperiod of time of putting out food.

Three blackbirds 2male 1 female have been claiming territorial rights, starlings by the pack have descended and flown to call their pals back for a feast. A pair of collared doves have perched themselves very precariously on the roof of the bird house atop the table. and from time to time a jay has been seen bobbing in and out of the branches behind the wall.

All ducked low as a Magpie swooped in low, he soon lost interest and moved on..

I stopped and listened and the birdsong was like an amazing conversation of delight , satisfaction and warnings. I moved as I wiped the dishes just now and well I just broke that magic spell and they all went their way, until later.

Just some pleasures in life can be so simple, don't you agree??