Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sew Good

Really there are blogs to cover just about every subject under the sun and stars these days. If you like to see something different from the man in the street's viewpoint then read a blog. I have found loads of interesting stuff, random factoids and information that COULD be really useful (if only I had the time) From my stash of fascinating blogs, I thought I would preview a couple here for you.

Like sewing? This is one for you then. Free pattern for a cute (linux) penguin. In fact a few patterns of said penguin, delight any small person with one of these and you are bound to make more than one friend for life. the Penguin Project is the place to find these

Then if you like dressmaking and other larger sewing projects, snip aling to where you can download fullsize patterns and instructions for various garments. Great fun to look at , I havent tried any of the patterns yet although I have downloaded a few for trial.

If you want to handmake gifts then has loads of gift ideas and patterns in easy to download and read ofline pdf format. I particularly like the recycled jeans otganiser and the scented padded clothes hangers.More of these kind of patterns for free can be found at Loads of cute patterns for all kind of bits that you can make from bits of leftover fabric you just hate to throw away.