Monday, June 30, 2008

Xara Xtreme Graphics Program

Being a digital designer I am always on the lookout for software that will help me be a better one. I have been trying to find a vector program without the price tag of illustrator. I have limited funds which I'm sure that others do too. I have tried some free programs but I wasn't all that impressed with them. Some are hard to learn with very little information to help you. I am pretty quick on learning new programs so I am not without some computer skills. Recently though a friend directed me to this awesome program "Xara Xtreme". It is billed as the fastest graphics program out there with a modest price tag of $89.

Best of all you can download a trial version that enables you to try the program for 30 days and then make a decision if you want to buy it. I have downloaded the trial and I'm having fun trying it out. There are tons of video tutorials to show you how the programs works. So far it fullfills all that is promised in the video so I'm saving up my money to buy this program. I will show you a few stickers that I created for my newest kit that will be coming out soon. This car sticker was done in PSE3 involving many steps and this blue car was done in Xara . I like them both but was much happy with the results with the one done in Xara. Here is another example with this spider I drew. The first spider I created in PSE3 and the second one in Xara with fewer steps, and I was pleased with the ending results on the last spider. I hope you have enjoyed this little tid bit, even if you aren't a designer. Have an awesome Day!!
Emma (aka: Eyelet's Scraps Designs)